Premium Utah Wood Pellets Delivered To Your Door At One Price.

Home Delivery of your premium wood pellets is offered for your convenience and piece of mind. If you make less trips to the store to buy the bags of pellets and instead have your seasons supply delivered all at once, you have burned less fuel. Another important reason is for the reduction of our carbon foot print. 

"How do I Order My Pellets?"

  1. Either call, use the order form on the right, or use our custom quote form here if you're unsure.
  2. Our professional logistics people will plan to efficiently use a route that will have as many as possible deliveries to your area.
  3. We hope that you will plan ahead as you will maintain the best pricing and we use less fuel too, but if you require an emergency delivery, there may be a separate delivery fee.

"How Are the Pellets Delivered to Me?"

  • All pellets are delivered to your home on a pallet.
  • Pellets can be delivered in standard-sized pellet bags, or in a more convenient, cost-effective, super-sack.
  • If you're choosing the bags, then each pallet will contain 50 bags that each weigh 40 pounds.
  • The pallet will be wrapped and hooded for delivery integrity.
  • We suggest that you have an area clear in your garage or other storage area that is 50"x50".
  • The supersack is one ton also, but easier to use on a daily basis (for most people); and better priced!

Please call or contact us if you have any more questions, or check our FAQ.